Face Veins

What are Face Veins?

Spider veins in the face are a common cosmetic complain, both in male and female patients. Most commonly, they are around and over the nose, and result in shame and decrease in self-esteem. The cause of this condition most commonly is related with aging, but they can be a manifestation of an underlying condition such as rosacea or chronic liver problems.

These veins respond very well to electro-thermo coagulation or laser therapy. Usually, after one or two sessions, the spiders will be eliminated.

Available Treatments for Face Veins

Main Title

Electro-Thermal Coagulation (Veinwave/VeinGough)

This new procedure has received the commercial name of “Vein Gogh” or “Vein-Wave” and consists of the application through a hair-thin probe of successive very small bursts of electricity along very tiny spiders that cannot be injected.

Laser Treatment

Lasers have also been used to treat spider veins of the legs. Many different kinds if intense light have been tried with disappointing results. This is a very expensive technology that is still waiting for good results.

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