Electro-Thermal Coagulation

Electro-Thermal Coagulation (Veinwave / VeinGough) treats the following Vein Diseases Overview

This new procedure has received the commercial name of “Vein Gogh” or “Vein-Wave” and consists of the application through a hair-thin probe of successive very small bursts of electricity along very tiny spiders that cannot be injected. This routine produces heat that coagulates the small vessels. This new technology compliments sclerotherapy and improves significantly its results. The procedure can be performed by itself for very small veins, and in addition to sclerotherapy (before or following sclerotherapy) in larger spiders, eliminating the small, tiny red vessels that injections fail to affect.

What to expect during the procedure.

The method produces little discomfort, does not require anesthesia, is done in about fifteen minutes, and can be performed on spiders in any place of the body (including face).

Post treatment.

Results have been excellent, especially in the face, and the enhancement in the appearance of the visible veins can be observed immediately. Further improvement occurs in the consequent weeks, as the vessels are reabsorbed.

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